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Please also see the page NEXT STEPS

Registration Fees of ITHET 2017



Early Registration
(by May 26th)

Late Registration 
(after May 26th, 

also on-site)

IEEE EdSoc/IES Member

400 Dollars

450 Dollars

IEEE Member

430 Dollars


Non IEEE Member

480 Dollars

530 Dollars

IEEE Student Member

280 Dollars

330 Dollars

Student Non Member

325 Dollars

375 Dollars

Extra Page Charge 

150 Dollars

200 Dollars


- Conference attendance

- Conference material (book of abstracts, workshop USB proceeding, gifts)

- Coffee breaks

- Conference dinner (Student registration does not cover the workshop dinner.)

- Lunches at the conference venue (July 10-12)


Important Notes: 

  1. If only a student is registered for the presentation of a paper, then the full fee will be required.
  2. In ITHET conferences, the authors are not encouraged to present multiple papers. Instead they are expected to present the best of their work and participate actively in the sessions, taking part in the discussions. Because of this, the registration fee is for the presentation of one paper only. If due to some reason, a second (maximum) paper is to be presented, a token fee of USD 150 has to be remitted for that paper.


How to remit the registration fee:


A.  The preferred method of payment is via Paypal. Please use the Paypal button on the Conftool system to complete your payment.


B.  Alternatively you may pay by direct electronic transfer to the following US Dollar denominated account.

    1.  Name: Robin Braun for ITHET 2017

    2.  Bank: Westpac, Crow's Nest, NSW, Australia

    3.  Bank Code (BSB): 034-702

    4.  Account number: 099848

    5.  IBAN Code: 034702099848

    6.  SWIFT Bank Identification Code (BIC): WPACAU2S


C.  Payment by check is also possible

    1.  Please make checks payable to Robin Braun for ITHET 2017

    2.  Please draw checks in US Dollars

    3.  Please post checks by airmail to  

            Robin Braun for ITHET 2017,

            School of Computing and Communications,

            Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology,

            University of Technology Sydney,

            Box 123, Broadway,

            NSW 2007, Australia




July 10-12, 2017
16th International Conference on
Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training
Ohrid, Macedonia